What is ROSEIS?

ROSEIS is the “Radiation Oncology Safety Education and Information System”. It  is a voluntary web-based platform designed for use as an individual clinic reporting and learning tool and also as a platform to exchange or share information with the wider radiotherapy community.  It represents an evolution of the original ROSIS project.

The fundamental aim of ROSEIS is to improve safety in radiotherapy clinics by learning from incidents and near incidents locally and by sharing knowledge, information and experience with the wider radiotherapy community.  The components of the platform are:

  • A reporting and learning system where incidents and near incidents can be recorded and used within the individual clinics to support learning and improving safety locally
  • A tool which enables the sharing of safety information with the wider community; to highlight where incidents or near incidents may occur and any actions taken to eliminate them or to mitigate their impact
  • Information on safety related developments as they apply to radiotherapy
  • Documents or publications in the area
  • Online lectures on related topics
  • Links to the other professional or scientific societies active in the area of radiotherapy safety.

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